Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well, it's been a while...

Computers...gotta luv 'em!  I just got my computer back after 2 weeks in the shop.  It's just amazing how much we rely on them.

We have some really cute classes coming up.  I'm including a few of them.

If you are short on time we have new card kits from My Little Yellow Bicycle.  You will make 8 cards with envelopes in two hours!  The cost is $35.  Here are the samples.

Once again, My Little Yellow Bicycle has come up with an adorable envelope booklet.  You can use the envelopes to include Coupons, Photos or Gift Cards.  We are giving it on 2 separate dates:  Sun. Nov. 28 from 10-12 and Wed. Dec. 1 from 10-12.  The cost is $37.50.  Come pass a few hours with friends.

We also have a traiditional Advent Calendar in which you can put special messages.  It makes a festive wall decoration.  We still have a few places left for this Sat. 20, from 10-12.  The cost is $39.50

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