Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good afternoon

Hi to all,

Finally some sunshine!  The sun is streaming in the windows here, and it just makes me want to go for a walk.

We are settling into our new place.  It is very relaxing and inspiring.  After seeing what some of the students in the art gallery are doing, it makes me think of stamping on silk, vellum and other creative projects.

We finally received the much anticipated Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  These will be used in the Magenta Watercolour classes.  We also received the specialty paper and the watercolour brushes which are wonderful!

We got in more of the Memory Box dies as well as these keep flying off the shelves.

We have some wonderful upcoming classes, some of which are not full yet.

Clean and Simple (Hero Arts)
Sat. May 5th. 1:30-4pm
Thurs. May 10 10-12:30pm

Magenta Watercolour
Sat. May 12 1:30-4pm
Thurs. May 17 10-12:30pm

Shimmer Sheetz
Tues. May 22 10-12:30pm
Sat. May 26 1:30-4pm

Cascading Dogwood Box (Card to come)
Tues. June 5 10:30-1pm
Sat. May 9 10-12:30pm

I was walking through the woods on Monday and came across these 2 cute critters.  I just love the way the Screech Owl blends into the bark of the tree.  No wonder he was so difficult to spot.  I was busy taking pictures of the raccoon when a young man asked if I was taking pictures of the owl which was right above my head!

Have a great week, and drop by to see the new place.  I'm sure you'll love it as much as we do!


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