Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good morning...

Hi everyone,

Imagine twice in one week! 

I have a few more great shots from the past Stamp Zia weekend I would like to share with you.  A lot of happy faces.

Thank you all for making it a really fun weekend.

Also, I came across a wonderful new stamp least for me.  It is in the UK so shipping is huge, but I was thinking of ordering.  Please have a look at their stamps, especially the Bella, and Annabelle lines.  Their paper is so beautiful, and although it would be the most costly to ship, I think it would be worth it.  I may be placing an order very soon.  Please give me some feedback as to your opinions.  I would not likely be able to give a discount due to the shipping costs, but you could still pre-order what you would like.  Here are a few samples, and they have several other lines.

Have a great day,


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